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Springtime is a gift of blessing. I stepped outside the other day and enjoyed the fresh breeze of Spring, or so I thought, and then came the snow flakes. I dusted the snow off the little green shoots from daffodils right beside the Japanese Maple tree. The tree was planted as a memorial gift and I am waiting for the leaves to gently come out. I just read my morning devotion, "An improbable gift of blessing" that invites individuals to pray the Scripture, engage the heart and nurture the spirit.

I returned to my study, turned to the Song of Solomon, " Here, the winter is past; the rains have come and gone. Blossoms have appeared in the land; the season of singing has arrived." ( 2:11-12) I read silently first and then went outside and read it aloud to "coach" nature. I realized how naive I am thinking that I can "encourage" beauty to grow. It has a different time altogether.

I was reminded that under the still frozen ground, the bulb and seeds are in the process of emerging into those yet unseen blossoms. It speaks about our faith, post Easter season. Jesus was known fully well in his Resurrection—the promise of Eternal life.

The really great news of blessing is that we are renewed by the grace of God. There is an opportunity to share the story of faith and this is how we grow. First it must take root in cultivated soil and in our United Methodist language it is through Prayer, Presence, Service, Gifts and Witness. And second it will flourish, " rooted and built up in Christ, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thank- fulness. (Colossians 2:6-7)
One of the greatest mind in the world, Stephen Hawking, died re- cently. He was not a fan of God but the last person who cared for him is a male nurse from the southern part of the Philippines. Professor Hawking wrote a word of thanks to this gentleman for his caring spirit. In reply upon his death, this gentleman offered a tribute, " Your universe is now complete."

How are we made complete? What is seen is temporary, according to St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, but what is unseen is eternal. May we always find time to receive the gift of blessing.

Rev. Romir R. Esguerra


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